Step up your Life

With the best SUPERFOOD in the world

STEP UP your Life

With the best SUPERFOOD
in the world



We started our idea with innovative aquaculture farm and began in 2016 at the facility in Phuket Island produced a development company focusing on the commercialization of healthy alternative food products made from algae.

We are devoted to the development of environmentally safe and organic uses of our land and water resources. As an ever-increasing number of the world populations stress the planet’s limited resources, it will be extremely important to utilize algae as a food crop.
It is currently composed of a highly experienced Swiss management team whose collective experiences and knowledge allow the company to innovate continually, delivering the best products possible. Our team is made effective through the hard work and passion of every employee.
From our microbiology team to our installation and processing staff, every employee is integral to the company’s success and shares a common vision of sustainability producing and delivering finest quality algae products.

Who Is GFOOD Asia

Spirulina algae are growing and harvesting at our closed cultivation system facility in Phuket,
Thailand. We use a unique method of harvesting Spirulina captures it’s delicate cells at their supreme healthy stage, full of essential nutrients and keeps until delivery to you.
We ensure our product will be delivered and ready to enjoy with full benefit from them.

We follow a strict self-control system (H.A.C.C.P.) on the entire production cycle of microalgae to identify possible contamination hazards.
Our products are subject to a double check, internal (our) and external (by the Certification Body), in order to guarantee the safety, quality, and traceability of the product.

We are the Swiss management company that strictly applies for the purpose of Food Safety Practice with the concept of “Trustable Product”.

We put an awareness and food security measurement distribute to our manufacturing process is standardized as defined in the Food Safety Certification Regulation.

We always maintain the performance revaluations are considered reliable and we will perform consistency to achieve the objective of our Quality Policy.
At present, we are producing only Spirulina dietary supplement products.

We have started to cooperate with reliable companies that would apply Spirulina as the ingredient for various product lines such as cosmetics and other utilize products.

Our strategy aims the continuous improvement of various operational phases, research and innovation.
We apply and implement the idea of smart farming which we are able to control the parameter monitoring the well-being state of spirulina through the Remote-Control system.
For the result, we can up to date every grown rate parameter of our spirulina.

We have been concerned about the future of Nutrition and Nutraceuticals: eating not only for nourishment, not only for the pleasure of the palate but for living well simultaneously.

Inspired By Excellence & Innovation

OUR SPIRU4 SPIRULINA is served without any Fillers, additives or preservatives.
Using ONLY natural selection, optimum cultivation conditions and location.
The SPIRU4 SPIRULINA is GMO-Free and 100% natural product

100% Swiss Management
Production for 365 days a year
High nutritional power
Absence of pollutants, pathogenic organisms
Cultivation and production techniques in a controlled environment
Product analysis and security
Excellent organoleptic qualities
100% pure and natural product
A control system of cultivation parameters

The Right People In The Right Jobs

An effective GFOOD Asia team perform hard work with passion. From our microbiology team to our installation and processing staff, every GFOOD Asia employee is integral to the company’s success and shares a common vision of sustainable producing and delivering the world’s finest algae products.


Whether you are looking to work with us, buy or sell our products, or just looking for information, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We are interested to hear from you.


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